Friday, August 5, 2011

One Year!

via 16 House

Happy Birthday Blog! To celebrate, I made some mini cupcakes and took them to work today to share. 

Part of me is not sure where the past year went. A few achievements, a holiday overseas and a move interstate. Somewhere in there I have managed to blog for one year. I wasn't sure if I would keep it up but I am so happy, celebrating with balloons, that I did. I have enjoyed reading so many crafty, design and inspirational blogs. Also receiving your comments, meeting new friends and being able to participate in charitable causes. Here is to another year, Ames xo


  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday!! Woohooooo!! Having an overseas holiday and moving interstate are huge things to have done! Congrats on all you have achieved and all your bloggy goodness! (Those cupcakes look exceedingly yummy).

    Linda. :)

  2. congratulations! I hope I can maintain similar longevity in my writings :] isn't it nice to set a goal & then realize that you surprised yourself by meeting it?

  3. Aah, congratulations! I still have 6 months to go, hope I make it. I've loved blogging so far, but it is like having another child sometimes - always needing attention!

  4. Congrats! Dang I wish I worked at your joint ... those cupcakes look delish!

  5. Congratulations! Hope you keep it up - its such a lovely blog to visit. x



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