Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laa Laa Swap

A little while ago, I signed up for LaaLaa's Magic Ball swap. The aim of the game was to put together a group of gifts, crafty things and sweets and roll them up in some yarn. You are assigned a swap partner who does the same and then you exchange.

I posted mine awhile back and didn't want to share it on the blog till it arrived. No time to spoil the surprise. This is what I put together for Cindarell@ who likes bright colours.

Very happy to report that I have received my magic ball in the mail - all the way from Holland. Thank you Cinderella!

There was no way that Mayo, one of the cats, was going to let me enjoy unwrapping the ball without his involvement!

I am feeling very lucky indeed. I especially love the dragonfly ribbon and the babushka. Now to think of some projects to use my goodies...


  1. Beautiful idea and really beautiful gifts. Nice one!

  2. Youre yellow ball has become a scarf...i posted it on my blog...Cinderell@



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