Saturday, June 11, 2011

Follow up: squares for Papillon Gold

You may recall my previous posts about squares that a group of us from the Plain Tiger Butterflies craft group made and sent off to contribute to a blanket for Knit4Charities. Well, Jane from Papillon Gold has finished the blanket and has forwarded it to Busy Hands Warm Hearts. It looks amazing! Pop over to Papillon Gold to check out the other wonderful blankets Jane has made for charity. What a generous soul for making for others.

via Papillon Gold


  1. Hello,

    your plait is soooo msoooo lovely.
    I love it!!!!

    hugs Conny

  2. I'll definitely be having a look. That pic looks wonderful.

  3. That blanket is stunning - and must give you so much satisfaction to be part of that collective. Leaves me all warm and fuzzy on such a cold day.



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