Tuesday, April 12, 2011

up up and away

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and life changing decisions have been made. Like these hot air balloons, we are up up and away. We are moving to Tasmania! Therefore, we won't be blogging much in the coming weeks as the computer is getting packed. However, there will be a couple of scheduled posts so you know that we are still thinking of you. Wish us luck!

Images by Ames (Melbourne)


  1. Thank you! Packing isn't much fun but I am looking forward to unpacking and decorating a new house :)

  2. Good luck! I do hope you will continue this lovely blog and fill it with lots of lovely Tassie photos. Thanks also for your best wishes when I left NAA, I really appreciated it. from A

  3. I certainly will continue with the blog! Thank you xo Ames



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