Friday, April 15, 2011

Collecting (in style)

Image via automatism by William Waldron

Do you collect things? All sorts of things? I do - I have been collecting since I was a little girl. Everything from toys and erasers in childhood to cigarette cards and old photographs these days. There is also tea cup, bell and rock / shell collections displayed in our house. I love it when I come across images like this that highlight framed collections, or things just on display. It is a small window into someones personality and of course, prettiness never goes astray. What are you collecting right now?

Ames xo


  1. Og goodness yeah!
    I collect vintage sheets, tea cups, table clothes, Hollie Hobby stuff, wool, pot holders, little girls, Miffy stuff...

  2. Hi Kate - vintage sheets are lovely aren't they! I have some that belonged to my Grandmothers and I love the floral patterns. Have a great week xo Ames

  3. I'm definitely a collector - green china that looks like fake leaves, royal memorabilia, green fabric, Crown Lynn swan vases, brooches and other people's old photos are some of the collections threatening to take over my place!



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