Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family in Japan

An unexpected way to spend Friday night. Worried for family. Sick in the guts.

I returned home from work last night to learn that there had been a devastating earthquake and a tsunami in Japan. My brother and his family live there. At that moment I wished they were here, in Australia and by my side. There was no power and most of the phone network was not working in Tokyo. With relief, we received a brief email from my brother saying he was OK and we heard this morning that the rest of the family are fine too.

Thank you to everyone for your phone calls, texts and messages to see how they are. Your heartfelt concern has touched me.

This image is of amulets - prayers and dreams - left at one of the temples that we visited in Tokyo a few years ago. My thoughts and well wishes go out to the thousands of people in Japan who have been affected by this devastation.


  1. So so glad your family are all ok. Sending lots of love and prayers their way



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