Friday, January 14, 2011

Crafting to help Queensland

Image by Alli Coate via Her Library Adventures via decor8
The flood watch for Queensland is not over. However some Queensland residents are beginning the big clean up. The recovery after this disaster is going to be lengthy.

There are an amazing group of people out there who have initiated a range of efforts to support those that have been affected by the floods. We also had the idea of trying to help in some way which you can read about here. We thought it would be nice to organise a market or maybe a craft auction in Melbourne. Still waiting to see if this goes ahead. If not, we support Craft Relief which you can read about here.

Another wonderful project is Hope Softies - a collection of softies to be donated to children that have lost everything in the floods.  Also, why not check out Quilts for Queensland.

Our thoughts go out to all Australians - those that have been affected by the floods and those that are doing something to help.

Ames and Tash xo


  1. Totally agree with you its shocking any way I can help don't hesitate to ask I was thinking of making a load of items to sell vie Etsy & my blog & can send the cash to the flood relief fund or if you get the market organised I can send items let me know?

  2. Hi Elaine, touched by your generosity. I will be in touch via your blog. Best wishes, Ames



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