Sunday, December 12, 2010

St Kilda Markets

We have made most of our Christmas presents and will share some of these with you closer to Christmas (don't want to spoil the surprise). In an aim to stick to the theme of (mostly) handmade gifts this year, we went to the St Kilda markets to check out the homemade goodies.

The weather was not great. Unfortunately it started to rain and we felt very sorry for the stallholders. But it is all an adventure!

Anyway, we didn't end up buying much but had a nice time. These are some cufflinks we picked up. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas making / shopping!


  1. Wow, you spent a GREAT time for Xmas shopping! I can guess you really enjoyed it!
    So keep on enjoying your weekend! :)
    LoL, xxx

  2. How different are those! Love them Been meaning to get some cuff links for awhile for hubs but doubt I'll find any like that! :o)

  3. Love the cufflinks, they have so much character! And those palm trees are amazing. I still have loads of Christmas shopping to do, it's creeping up so quickly! :) Sarah

  4. Yes, Christmas is creeping up on us. I am feeling a bit disorganised at the moment. I am sure it will all come together though. There are heaps of cool cufflinks out there - for girls and guys. I will do a post about them sometime soon. Have a great week, Ames xo

  5. Love the cufflinks! What great idea for a gift for a stamp lover such as one of my brothers..trouble is I do not see him wearing cufflinks but they are great just the same.



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