Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting into the crafty Christmas spirit


We are getting into the Christmas spirit at work, which is lovely. We decorate the building including a Christmas tree and have a Christmas lunch party planned for next week. So a group of us thought that we would get together at lunch time and make some decorations. Wendy, Celia and I decided to decorate some foam bells - there are lots of instructions on the internet if you are interested in doing this sort of craft.

In addition, a few of the crafty types have been using their lunch breaks to make Christmas gifts for their family and friends. For example, Liz has been making crochet washclothes which she has beautifully executed. Kathryn is making a vest and I cannot wait to see the finished product.


Anyway, happy holidays everyone and I hope you are enjoying your Christmas craftiness! Ames xo


  1. can i hire you guys to come to my work? what a lovely way to bring christmas cheer to a workplace

  2. Yes, crafting at the workplace can only be good...wonderful, productive and fun idea.



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