Sunday, November 21, 2010

Make a badge!

Badges are cool little accessories that you can pop onto your outfit, bag or wherever. We even have them on our shopping trolley.  These are some that I have made previously...

sewing collages
stamp and envelope collages
wrapping paper badges
I know that there are lots of us out there making badges, but I wanted to share some of the ideas that I have had. I have been collecting stamps since I was a little girl and I have lots of duplicates. I have sewn pieces of these together, as well as sewing some of my craft paraphernalia together.  Collages are a great way to display your cute paper items within the badge. Wrapping paper is also a great idea.

These badges were made at the Sticky Institute in Melbourne, but I think there are other places that offer the use of badge machines.  I am in the process of making the paper inserts for more badges for Christmas so watch this space......

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