Thursday, October 28, 2010

November 2010 Crafternoon: knitting and crochet picnic in the garden

The Tiger and the Butterfly

Hello fellow crafters!

As mentioned in an earlier post (and to some of you in person), I am starting up a craft group. At this stage, I am hoping that it will be something casual that will be held every two months so that it is easily scheduled into everyone's busy lives. The crafternoons will be an excuse to combine some of the things that we love - chatting about craft, making craft, and sharing yummy food.

I would like to kick off the crafternoons in November over a lovely picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Please bring your knitting or crochet, although if you want to bring something else that is fine too. How about your cross stitch, your camera, or your wonderful personality. Also something to eat for yourself, and if you want, something to share.

When: Saturday 13th November 2010
Time: 1pm - 3pm
Where: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (meet outside The Visitors Centre and we will choose a garden location depending on the weather).

For those that need directions to the gardens - see the Royal Botanic Gardens website.

Please comment on this post if you would like to attend, or tell me in person. I look forward to seeing you there!!


  1. What a great idea! Hope it goes really well and good on your for starting this. Sorry I wont be coming as my knitting/crochet skills are non existent but I wish you all the best xo

  2. I will try to make it Amy. (I don't knit either, don't let that stop you!)



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