Saturday, October 2, 2010

My favourite two: Ames

I have been slowly spring cleaning the house and it has involved a lot of dusting as we have a large collection of odds and ends. I often think about the things I love and the people/moments associated with them when I am doing a task like this.

This week my favourite two things remind me of two wonderful women. My two Grandmothers, who have passed away in the last couple of years, were talented and hard working. They were interesting and went out of their way to help people. I am proud to be continuing their love of craft and to be a caretaker of their beautiful things.

My Nanny was the family photographer for awhile. This was one of her cameras: the Six-20 Kodak Junior. I can imagine her now, lining up the family who were all well presented, for their portrait. She was also a dedicated knitter and always enjoyed the presence of fresh flowers.

My Grandma was an important figure in her local community. She often helped organise and catered events. Her tea cup collection came in handy. Grannie loved her embroidery/tapestry and words do not do justice to the flowers produced from her garden.

Take a moment to remember those that came before you, those that loved/love you. They make us who we are today.

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