Monday, October 4, 2010

Making Resin Jewellery: Part 4 (Finishing Techniques)

Unfortunately resin jewellery making is not as easy as pour, cure, ready. You should finish off your work.

Using a file from the hardware store, remove any bumps. Filing is also a great way to start shaping your pieces if you are not happy with the results from the mould.

When you have finished filing, it is time to sand. I suggest that you wear gloves - I learned the hard way that the sandpaper can draw blood. It is important to purchase wet/dry sandpaper to ensure that resin dust is not created during the sanding process (you actually add water to the sandpaper). Start with a course grain and work your way to the finer grain. It is important to move through a few stages of sandpaper if you want a glossy finish. Remember to change the direction while you work with the sandpaper too, to ensure that fine scratches are removed.

After filing and/or sanding, you can attach your jewellery findings. Think about what your end product is going to be and purchase the relevant findings from the craft store or online. Brooch clasps, bails, or magnets are a few ideas. Alternatively , you can drill a hole through your resin to attach jump rings for necklaces. I would love to hear about your resin projects, so please leave a comment soon.


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