Friday, October 15, 2010

The first crochet coat hangers

I have been making crochet coat hangers lately and really enjoying it! These are the first two that I have finished, with crochet corsage decorations.


  1. I get a pair of these each Christmas from G's aunty and love them. they are great for hanging delicate stuff. Keep up the great craft projects.

  2. Hi Ames,
    Absolutely loving the blog, and particularly adore these hangers :-) I collect vintage covered coathangers. I'm constantly amazed by how creative people can be in decorating a simple hanger - I even have one covered in crocheted strips cut from plastic bread bags! It also warms my heart imagining the special garments (and the memories) that have hung from hangers that have obviously had heaps of thought and love put into them.
    Keep up the good work!
    Katie F

  3. Thanks Katie, wonderful to know that you have been enjoying the blog. I love decorated hangers too. I have a collection of crochet and knitted ones - I smile whenever I see them. Would be interested in seeing the one made from plastic bags! Have a great weekend :)



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