Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are you making a Softie for Mirabel?

I have been perusing my craft books in search of a pattern for a handmade soft toy to donate to the worthwhile cause Softies for Mirabel. I think I have decided that a cat is the way to go and I will be starting it soon.

Our craft group, the Plain Tiger Butterflies, has signed up to contribute softies towards the collection at Meet me at Mike's which are due for delivery at the end of November 2010. They will then be displayed in the window of Meet me at Mike's in Fitzroy from 1st - 7th December 2010.

For those that do not know, Softies for Mirabel is a call for soft toys that will be donated to The Mirabel Foundation which is based in Melbourne. This foundation supports youth that are in the care of extended family after being abandoned by their parents. These kids deserve a chance and I am sure that each and every child that receives a softie will have a smile on their face.

So I am asking you, would you like to contribute to this cause and donate a softie on behalf of the Plain Tiger Butterflies? If so, please leave a comment on this post. The soft toys can be crocheted, knitted, sewn - made out of felt, fabric or yarn. As Pip has mentioned on the Meet me at Mike's post - some of the softies will be going to small children so keep choking hazards in mind when making your softie. However, if you have a cute design that has ribbons, buttons or beads, don't despair - these can be given to older kids or teens. Some of the softies from previous years are on display at Flickr so check it out for inspiration.

I really hope you decide to join in and share the cuteness!


  1. Have had a few verbal commitments to the cause - very good news!

  2. Me and a friend are making Molly Monkeys to give. Its a lot of fun we've had one 'working bee' so far and got the pieces all cut out, next session we should get the sewing done.

  3. Hi EmilyKate - I look forward to seeing your Molly Monkeys in the Meet me at Mike's window. Sounds great! Ames :)

  4. Wendy is making a fantastic knitted "Angus" dog. Thanks Wendy!

  5. Well it turned out that Angus looked more like a hippo than a dog - she/he also went through a few name changes. Much delight for all those involved!



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